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Health and Wellness Tips for Summer

Health and Wellness Tips for Summer

Summer year is almost here and Epic Risk Management wants to help you start season off right. Here are our top 7 health and wellness tips for making the most of season and having a satisfied, healthier summer:

  • Wear sunscreen! Though you probably already know this, sun block is important and it should be worn every day. Ensure that you choose sun block that does not have extremely dangerous components in it (PABA, benzophenone-3, homosalate, octyl-methoxycinnamate (OMC) re-apply regularly. It’s best to do the first application 30 minutes before initial sun exposure.
  • Increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. When it comes to the accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables, summer time is a moment of plenty! Whether you want to take benefits of farm owners markets or simply visit your local food market. You’re sure to find a lot of healthier options get creative and have fun. By upping your consumption of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.
  • Avoid extended times of strenuous action during prime time. Summer year can be a dangerous here we are at extended times of action outside in the sun and warm. Remain safe and protected by using shade, frequent smashes, and, of course, be sure to drink lots of fluids. Water and electrolyte enhanced drinks can help prevent lack of fluids, warm fatigue, and even warm stroke.
  • Pack your public and action calendar! Summer year is the perfect here we are at getting together with friends. Summer year is also a good a chance to enhance your action level. Whether you enjoy swimming, tennis, riding, or golf. It’s a chance to get moving!
  • Health and Wellness Tips for summer, eat meals that are in their most natural state, which method for avoid from unhealthy meals. This also includes consuming more raw meals. For instance, bashing your own apples is healthier than consuming the prepared encased type. Also, by upping your consumption of raw food.
  • Get enough relax and rest. Research has shown that getting enough rest at night not only fortifies the defense mechanisms. It’s also allows maintain a healthy weight. Another often neglected aspect of relax is to take smashes throughout the day to remove the thoughts and let it relax. Or to just close your eyes and obvious you thoughts to let your thoughts unwind and the thoughts revitalize. It does amazing things for your energy and overall well being.
  • Health and Wellness Tips for Summer Eat dust. This does not mean to go outside and grab a tbsp. of gritty dust and put it in your mouth. A little bit of undesirable toxins in our techniques allows to exercise our immunity processes and fortifies them.
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