Comilla Gynecologist Doctor List, Location & Phone

Comilla Gynecologist Doctor List

Comilla Gynecologist Doctor List, Location & Phone

Dr. Shakila Nargis
MCPS, DGO (Gyne and End)
Woman’s Disease and Maternity Specialist and Surgeon
Comilla Comfort Hospital
Chamber: Comilla Comfort Hospital, Riescore, Comilla.
Visiting Hours: 9 am-8pm
For serial: 0178438773

Dr. Rumman Jafri Lubna
FCPS (Gyne)
Gynecologist and veterinarian and surgeon
Modern Hospital
Chamber: Modern Hospital Shaktala, Comilla
Visiting HOurs: 3 pm-8pm
For Serial: 01711785199

Dr. Lubna Yasmin
MBBS (Dhaka) cc (Diabetology)
Diabetic and Gynecologists
Comilla Diabetic Hospital
Chamber: Mission Hospital Shasongacha, Comilla
Visiting HOurs: 3 pm and noon 6 pm
For Serial: 01739142170, 01930816847

Dr. Atisha Rabbi
Female diseases and obstetricians and surgeons
Comilla Mission Hospital
Chamber: Comilla Mission Hospital, Shasongacha, Comilla
Visiting Hours: 2pm-8pm (closed on Friday)
For Serial: 01739142170

Dr. Col. Dr. Shahnaz Akter
FCPS (Gyne)
Gynecology and Disease Specialists
Chamber: Mainamati Cantonment General Hospital, Cantonment, Comilla
Visiting HOurs: 4:00 pm- 8 pm in the afternoon
For Serial: 01730-087939, 01730-087949

Major Dr. Selina Begum
FCPS (Gyne)
Gynecologists and Obstetricians
Chamber: Mainamati Cantonment General Hospital, Cantonment, Comilla
Visiting Hours: 5pm-7pm
For Serial: 01730-087939

Comilla Gynecologist Doctor List

Dr. Dilruba Akter
Gynecology and gynecologist
Diabetic hospital
Chamber: Wholesale Care Medical Services, Tamasam Bridge, Comilla.
For Serial: 01711-07150, 01762-269616

Dr. Nasima Akter
MBBS, BCS (Gyne and Ends)
Experienced with wife, maternal disease and surgeon and child diseases
Medi Complex
Chamber: Medi Complex, East of Faizunnesa School, Badrtala, Comilla
Visiting Hours: 5 pm-8pm, closed on Friday
For Serial: 01711144786

Dr. Hasina Akhter
FCPS (Gyne and Obs)
Gynecology, gynecologist, and surgeon
CD Path Hospital
Chamber: CD Path Hospital, Badu Floor, Comilla
Visiting Hours: 3 pm-8pm
For Serial: 01776-364140

Dr. Farhana Begum Ruma
FCPS (Gyne)
Gynecology and maternal and veterinary experts and surgeons
Chamber: Tahsin, Kandirpar, Comilla.
Visiting Hours: Saturday-Thursday (2.30pm-5pm), Friday (10 amG to 1 noon)
For Serial: 017244157133

Dr. Shantna Rani Pal
Mcps (Gyne and end)
Consultant (Gyne and End)
Faisal Hospital
Chamber: Faisal Hospital, Chawkbazar, Comilla
Visiting Hours: Every Saturday-Monday, 2 noon-8 pm
For Serial: 01772797904

Dr. Raihana Sultana Begum
MBBS, BCS (Health) DGO (DU)
Gyne and maternity disciplines
General Hospital, Comilla
Chamber: Faisal Hospital, Chawkbazar, Comilla
Visting Hours: 2:30 pm – 5 pm
For Serial: 01711797904, 01711333134

Dr. Dilruba Akter
Gynecologists and obstetricians
Release Hospital
Chamber: Release Hospital, Reicos, Comilla
Visiting Hours: 3:30 pm – 7 pm
For Serial: 016736255038

Dr. Nazma Majumder (Lira)
FCPS (Gyne)
Gynecologist, surgeon, and surgeon
Neuron Hospital and Diagnostic Center
Chamber: Neuron Hospital and Diagnostic Center, Comilla
Visiting Hours: 2.30 pm-8pm
For Serial: 0177061717

Dr. Mrunalini Sharma
MD, PhD(Obs-Gyn)
Sharma Maternity Care
Madina Masjid Road
2nd Kandirpar, Cumilla
Chamber: Sharma Maternity Care
Visiting hours: 9am to 5pm (Thursday upto 1pm). Friday Closed.
For serial: 01772581919 (between 5pm to 6pm).

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