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Khulna Medicine Specialist Doctor List

Khulna Medicine Specialist Doctor List & Location

Dr. Parthosarothi Sikdar
MBBS, BCS, MCPS (Medicine)
Registrar (Medicine Department)
Khulna Medical College, Khulna
Chamber: Devnath Pharmacy, Morolgang, Bagerhat
Visiting Time: Thursday 3 pm- Friday 3 pm
Serial: 01731-510028

Dr. Utpal Kumar Chanda
MBBS, FCPS(Medicine)
Consultant, Sadar Hospital Khulna
Chamber: 10 Fire Bridget Road, Khulna (Besides Pioneer Mohila College)
Visiting Time: 4pm-8pm
Serial: 01914-244560 , 01772-473060

Dr. Nazrul Islam
MBBS, BCS, FCPS(Medicine)
Khulna medical college, Khulna
Chamber: Life diagnostic center
56,57 Ahasan Ahamed road (Seba clinic Mor), Khulna
Visiting Time: 4pm-8pm
Serial: Phone: 041-730558
Mobile: 01722-992992

Dr. Md. Sirasjul Islam
MBBS, FCPS(Medicine)
Islami Bank Hospital, Khulna
Chamber: Islami Bank Hospital, Khulna
42, Khan Jahan Ali road, Khulna
Visiting Time:9pmm-11pm
Serial: Phone: 041-810742
Mobile: 01711-298607, 01712-068684

Dr. S.M Nahid Kamal (Sumon)
Medical officer
Sahid Sheikh Abu-Naser Specialize Hospital, Khulna

Chamber 1:
Molla Pharmacy
Daulotpur, Khulna
Visiting Time:6pm-8:30pm (Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Serial: 01927-891050

Chamber 2:
Mohona Diagnostic Centre
Daulotpur, Khulna
Visiting Time: 6pm-8:30pm (Sunday, Thursday, Friday)
Serial: 01721-047996

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